Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Pale and over 40

This morning talking to Adam I said something I thought was cool and thought he would think so too.
 I got a "you're pale and over 40 mom - give it up"

"Not my legs - they are still orange!"

But on a happy note I work across the street from a close-outs retailer.  Usually its a lots of cheap plastic crap stuff but today I was so thrilled to see a transport truck pull up to his loading dock and off-load carts and carts of plants and bushes and shrubs and I am in gardeners heaven!

99 cent hostas, dahlias, asparagus (here I go again - overloading the vegetable garden!) $2.99 peace roses, climbing roses,  $1.49 astilbe, day lilies, asiatic lilies, a rainbow of assorted colors.  My office looks like a greenhouse it is so packed full and he (clear out retailer) is still opening boxes.   

I might be pale and over 40 but I can shop for bargains like a 20 year old!

And here are some beautiful house signs (I'm trying to win one!) that is offering as a giveaway.  She has a great blog, lots of humor, great designs and is a lovely person.

It's my lunch hour and I am going back to the plant sale - I will need the truck to get home!


Blue Fruit said...

You always make me laugh! Beautiful plants can put a positive spin on anything, I reckon!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

mmmmm ROSES!