Tuesday, 6 September 2011

To the Funeral Home Blog Followers - Please, Sign the Guestbook

The town where I was raised is about 1600 miles from where I live now.

It is a small farming community in the middle of the Canadian Prairies.

Every one knows every one else's business and, if they don't, are not above making something up, or changing details ever so slightly.

You know the whisper game? Sit in a circle, whisper something in some one's ear and see how the story has changed seven people later?  I think that game started in my hometown.
I digress. This is not what I am writing about.

I don't have much contact with people from that town and those who I do have contact with have also moved on to different parts of the world.  I will get the odd update from them as to the comings and goings of those who didn't leave but curiosity gets the most of me and, on a weekly basis, I check the obituaries listed in the local funeral home's website to see who didn't make it.

No matter who dies, there is always the same person who posts a comment in the obituaries "Guestbook" and it's always the same comment.  Almost as if she's too busy and doesn't have time to say something different, or personal, or heartfelt.

Maybe it's an 'if it aint' broke - don't fix it' thing.

And did I mention, she posts on the Guestbook for every person.

It reads:

"My heart goes out to all of you. Just cherish your memories of (insert name here) .  He/she will be missed  "

The same - every time - no matter who it is.

Is this the blog she follows?

Should I contact her and let her know about all of you - the 'regular' bloggers?

I wonder what she'll write about me when I die.

Probably, "Cherish your memories, Joy didn't know her a$$ from her elbow."


Razmataz said...

How heartfelt of her, I guess cut and paste is her friend!.

Yours will say "Cherish you memories of Joy...she missed her anniversary!"

blue fruit said...

Well at least you will get an individual line - even if it is hilarious!
This reflects a bigger trend in society in general I think - we are copying and pasting our way into a total lack of originality I reckon.

mermaid gallery said...

she tries...just not very hard....

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I am getting a little tired of the "so sorry for your loss" although it is, I guess, heartfelt...

Mark Himes said...

I know it's secretly you. You can tell us.

OneCraftyFox said...

Girl, you know you're going to get a line that is worthy of your hilarity!!